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Our Story 

Happeas: Where Joyful Design Meets Compelling Brand Stories” 

At Happeas, we use design and storytelling to showcase your brand's unique personality. We develop a clear marketing strategy, combining creativity and research, to create a standout visual identity that truly reflects your brand. 

Our Values 



Craft a tailor-made mascot design that defines your brand. 



Through dialogue, we uncover your brand's distinct personality. 



Communication helps us illuminate the unique characteristics of your brand. 



We partner with clients to optimize branding strategy implementation. 



Post-discussion, we fine-tune designs to satisfy your unique requirements. 

Our Team 

Boasting over 25 years of solid experience, Happeas specializes in mascot design and devising comprehensive marketing plans. Our diverse squad of mascot and graphic designers, content strategists, market researchers, and client managers collaboratively breathe life into your brand, ensuring its remarkable journey from inception to market presence. 


Mascot Design

We create captivating mascots that embody your brand, fostering audience connections and enhancing brand loyalty through high-quality content. 

Social Media Marketing

Happeas animates your brand mascot across digital platforms, delivering captivating visuals that boost visibility and foster a vibrant brand community.

Brand Storytelling

We weave your values into a unique brand narrative, cultivating resonance and fostering brand confidence with strategic storytelling.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Happeas provides intellectual property consulting, guiding you through IP complexities to safeguard your brand mascot and ensure correct message communication.

Creative Strategy

Happeas crafts creative strategies that intertwine design and storytelling, ensuring effective brand message delivery, standout presence, and customer conversion.

Extended Creative Solutions

Happeas provides comprehensive design services, embracing Web 3.0 and Metaverse trends, ensuring your brand's relevance and vibrancy in the digital era.


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